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MCenterSeveral years ago, Volunteers of America Southeast was pleased to announce a great new addition to our organization’s mission. The Millennium Center is a residential substance abuse treatment program that features an on-site child care center. The Millennium Center is located in Southwest Georgia, in the town of Cuthbert.  The facility is a residential treatment program for women who have a history of substance abuse. Counselors at the Millennium Center provide them with the motivation to obtain sobriety and a long-lasting, drug-free lifestyle, often leading to their ability to keep their family together. The on-site child care center enables those women who might otherwise avoid proper treatment and care to continue to live with their children. The Millennium Center adds to Georgia’s existing programs, which include substance abuse treatment facilities and programs that support individuals with chronic mental illness.

The Millennium Center, like the Pines Family Campus, provides 12-month residential substance abuse treatment for women with minor children who recognize substance abuse as a barrier to obtaining and maintaining a positive lifestyle. The primary purpose of both programs is to assist all women in achieving total abstinence from all mood and mind-altering substances, maintaining employment, and being successful with their children in order to avoid child displacement or foster care as a result of ongoing substance abuse.

The Millennium Center offers 20 duplex apartments, has an on-site daycare, and offers programs for both women and children. The program is designed to provide a full spectrum of professional drug treatment counseling in four phases, and to help women grow stronger through each phase of treatment. All women are encouraged to address underlying issues and to get involved in community support groups. Those that graduate from these programs leave with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of self-sufficiency.

PinesThe Pines Family Campus had its origin when two Valdosta pastors, Dr. Leon Dye of the River Street Church of Christ, and Rev. George Bennett of First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ were invited by the Regional Planning Board of the Department of Human Resources of Georgia Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Diseases (MHDDAD) in 2004 to address the most urgent needs for addiction services in South Georgia.  Dye and Bennett wrote a comprehensive plan for long term treatment (12 months) for women with addictive diseases and recovery programs for these women and their children. God led these pastors to develop programs with two agencies of the State of Georgia: the Department of Human Services, Addictive Treatment Services and the Department of Community affairs to construct the Pines Family Campus. It would have 28 duplex apartments, a child care facility, and a treatment/administrative facility.

After three years of intense negotiations, a partnership between Volunteers of America Southeast (VOASE), Better Neighborhood Housing Corporation (CHDO), Department of Human Services, Department of Human Affairs, Valdosta Housing Authority, and numerous social services agencies in Valdosta was worked out and the Pines Family Campus was built in 2006. VOASE has operated the Pines Family Campus from its opening. The Department of Children’s Services estimates that the Pines Family Campus has saved the State of Georgia millions of dollars in foster care for children who were able to remain in the care of their recovered mothers. Addictive Disease experts of the State of Georgia have documented that mothers who retain custody of their children while undergoing addiction treatment have the best recovery statistics. 

Bennett Oaks Drug Treatment Program

Our mission is to provide quality, accessible, and effective substance abuse services by empowering the people we serve to improve the quality of their lives based on their individual strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences. We provide drug/alcohol screening, assessment, crisis intervention, and appropriate referral services.  We have the option to admit individuals from our program into our Day Services Treatment Program, Outpatient Program, or Out-reach Services Component.

The individuals we serve are given one-on-one counseling sessions, recovery education classes, group therapy, relapse prevention/aftercare-planning skills, and family counseling sessions. 

Volunteers of America programs are designed to rehabilitate, not just treat symptoms.  Our professional staff is committed to this comprehensive mission to serve the whole person.  We recognize and address an individual’s spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Screening, Assessment & Crisis Intervention

We provide professional screening and assessment services to men and women in our ten-county region.  Our staff utilizes the latest screening and assessment tools to provide the appropriate referral service.

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