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WallaceDavis “There are no limits to caring” is the motto of Volunteers of America … but it is also a way of life, lived out every day through our staff, donors, and people engaged in our mission of reaching and uplifting all people. We provide services to over 2,140 people every day in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. We also offer ways for people and groups to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in their community."

Each week on a radio program, 'Uplifting Moments', I share stories of common events that have uncommon impact on people’s lives … stories of people who have been changed, or who have changed others through acts of kindness. Many people have assisted us in our mission by giving and working. For those selfless acts of thoughtfulness, we are very grateful. To discover how you can join us in helping others, call us at 800-859-4431. I hope you enjoy these stories. Check back each week, new stories are added each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ... along with a couple of stories from previous weeks on Monday and Friday. Click on the icons below to download or listen online ... enjoy.

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Wallace Davis
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noteNew "moments" are added each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday