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For these and many more reasons, people volunteer their time, energy, and abilities. Volunteering changes lives; yours and theirs. You can make a difference and we can help. At Volunteers of America Southeast we offer many ways for you to use your talents to make a positive difference in lives in your community.

Individual Volunteers

Volunteers of America has opportunities for individuals to get involved.  John Eads coordinates our volunteer program. His phone number is 251-338-1562 or you can email him at If Volunteers of America does not have a program in your area, John can connect you with agencies and organizations near you that are seeking volunteers. For more information about the available opportunities, click HERE.

Business and Corporate Volunteering

Volunteers of America works with business, large and small, to provide community engagement opportunities for their employees. Janet Hyde coordinates our corporate and business partnerships. Her phone number is 251-338-1294 and her email address is

Church Groups

Mission projects allow churches the opportunity to share God’s love in tangible, “hands on” ways that make a lasting impression on all involved. We can help churches secure projects tailored to their expertise and interest and provide information on resources for housing and other support. Paul McLendon coordinates our church partnerships. His phone number is 251-338-1570 and his email address is

Schools and Colleges

Volunteering offers a wonderful supplement to, and support of one’s, educational experience. We seek to provide those opportunities that will enrich the life of any student. We work with educators to provide a wide variety of volunteering experiences from one-time events to continuing programs. John Eads coordinates our schools and college partnerships.  His phone number is 251-338-1562, or email

Crisis and Disaster Recovery

Volunteers are the heart of crisis and disaster recovery. Whether a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or individual crisis, volunteers help people get their lives back together. Clearing rubble after a storm, repairing a home of a disabled veteran, or building a wheelchair ramp for a stroke victim, there are many opportunities for you or your group to help. Derrick Tapper coordinates our crisis and disaster recovery programs. Contact him if you would like to volunteer or if you are interested in recovery training for your church or group. Derrick’s phone number is 251-622-1255, or email